Enocultori in Abruzzo da tre generazioni.

Linea Geminus

Montepulciano d’abruzzo D.O.P.

Linea Monteselva

St. Angelum


Unique and unmistakable flavors, strong and gentle like this land.
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Cerasuolo, Trebbiano, Pecorino D.O.P. e I.G.P. Discover the sensory characteristics, food pairings and other precious characteristics of our 100% Abruzzo wines.


which was born in Abruzzo, in the “Green Heart of Europe”
Our wines, produced with carefully selected native grapes, and coming exclusively from the vineyards of our hills in the Pescara hinterland. Città Sant’angelo and Loreto Aprutino are our main production areas made up of varied landscapes; from the green of the hinterland reliefs you slide towards the coast in increasingly bright colors, until you reach the coast.

“Un’isola… tra un mare esemplare e due montagne monumentali e libere. A noi abruzzesi bisogna prenderci come siamo, gente rimasta di confine, con una sola morale: il lavoro”

(Ennio Flaiano, scrittore e sceneggiatore – citazioni sulla sua terra d’origine) Abruzzese D.O.C.


Experience and Passion inebriate the goodness and naturalness of our wines
Our young company derives from a centenary oenological tradition handed down, from father to son, for three generations and still retains the same dedication that has always distinguished the work of our family. We carefully follow our vineyards and transform our best grapes into wines with a pleasant and refined taste, always trying to keep up with the needs of a modern and rigorous market.